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Learn about the best imaging applications with artificial intelligence (AI)

I am excited with the amount of artificial intelligence apps that are on the market and available to everyone, we can be on the moon or be forest elves or go back to ancient times, rather these tools have revolutionized the way we look and see the generation of images, which for some may be considered art, but generated by a computer.

But how did these apps come about? how long have they been around? why are they on the air now? why are they so popular? Well, give me a few minutes and I'll explain it to you:

1. How were these apps or websites generated? how long have they existed?

Well, these artificial intelligence applications have been in the making for almost a decade, but they have never been so close to reality or so intelligent as to resemble human development. There are companies dedicated solely to the generation of algorithms, which take different sources to generate what we see on screen. These are marketed in the developer environment, even one of us can use it, some are paid and others what is called "open source" or open source.

2. Why are they so popular now?

The answer has to do with the fact that they are now closer to reality, the algorithms have taken years learning and data scientists have spent years perfecting all the elements that make it up. It is said that very recently these algorithms reached the learning point that was expected, which was where they can even outperform the human in some analyses. Another relevant factor is that now more than ever we are visual, art, photography make us connect even more, so what better time than this to see ourselves in spaces we never imagined? The applications are mostly for retouching images in its essence, but to draw our attention you have these avatars that help virality.

3. What is expected in the future?

More and more applications of these simulations, not only the avatars generate us curiosity, also these algorithms serve to generate compositions that were not possible before. They create many from text. The art that for many was focused on humans, is now also at the service of machines or in the hands of those who create the algorithms. Accordingly, what is left for us? Well, it is uncertain to predict what will happen, it depends on the actions taken by governments, artists / creators and the institutions that bring them together and accompany them. For me we must generate a mix of rules and limits for this type of applications, especially with the issue of car rights, which some use without the consent of the creators themselves. We must anticipate what can happen negatively. But we must also use it to create new things, it is impossible to stop the wheel of artificial intelligence, because it is a good business for companies and because for its creators it is an incredible challenge to explore and advance, also because the applications to health and human evolution are infinite, so the more we use them to collaborate with humans, the more we will take advantage of them.

Along with this last point I recommend these applications, use them, get inspired to create new things, get to know them and make the most of them, only in this way we will be able to be responsible and actively participate in the generation of rules and ethical limits that regulate them.

New image creation applications

DALL – E Mini / 2 (

Dall-e is an image creator whose artificial intelligence base was created by Boris Dayma (, a Google programmer for image recognition. Today with the birth of DALL-E 2 we can all have access to it. In my opinion it is still not very good at handling faces or everyday subjects. If you go futuristic, I think it's much better. But every time we use it we help it to improve, so hopefully it will soon improve its more contemporary images.

On this page we can see how the algorithm works, but we can not interact with it, I like to see what it is able to create and the video / music that comes out is relaxing. For now these options are more of a gaming issue than anything else, but the opportunity (or threat) is that they can replace the generation of mass content, as is the social networks of brands, by more economical issues in their generation. I still believe that all of them will need human intervention, but as they learn they will do it better.

This tool, more than an image generator with artificial intelligence, is a photo editor that helps users to retouch images using tools related to prediction or auto-correction algorithms. This tool has an annual cost, but its main attraction has been the creation of the "Magic Avatars" that, for a minimal cost, in addition to the monthly fee, allows you to have 50, 100 or 200 images. I really tried the three options and I recommend the 50, the others are quite a lot, but not all of them are good.

It's also a text based content creation app, it's paid and has a 7 day trial, you can buy monthly or yearly. I always start the trial with a month because my head doesn't always remember to cancel the trial before it charges 🤷🏻. I really like about this app that you can use artificial intelligence, but also user creation, with photos being uploaded and generating a co-creation. This is for me the future, the union of machine power and human ingenuity.

These are some of the many applications that are coming out, but what will happen is that we will have many more news of this in the future. Have fun using them, but above all learn from them so that you can have criteria and use them responsibly.

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