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Novum genus

It is the year 2035 in Tokyo, a place where humans and innovation coexist in harmony. There she lives peacefully, together with her husband and her son, Yuguen, a scientist passionate about changing the world and uniting our species with technology.

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Yuguen rewrites her story.

But one of the most difficult moments of her life arrives and she will have to face her fears, her past and her present, and through technology, with the people around her, she rewrites a future that could be that of all of us and that will teach him that not everything is as it seems and that we always need chaos for evolution.

Novum genus is a science fiction novel but full of reality, in which we can all look in the mirror to know the place that (although it sounds very strange) we could reach as a human race.


Take a look at the future of the world through this Japanese-Colombian and experience how innovation, the technology we have in our hands today, love, hate and lies can transform humanity forever.

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